Monday, June 7, 2010

OT Game Ball

OT Victory Game Ball - Images by Chuck van Rens

Great Coach in Dick Nuzum, great kids, great effort and great school. Maumee Valley Country Day School and La Lumiere School Football Game Ball given to Asst. Coach Chuck van Rens after the OT victory. The whole game dug deep after an exhausting 4 quarter effort for OT victory. That a crew, they jump in the pond, sign the game ball and took the bus ride home from La Porte, IN.

1970's Superstars-Coach Nuzum, Brent West, Page Stranahan, Stephanie Dana, Jeff Vincent, Pete Kaplin, Jewell Woodward, Felton Jackson, Terry "Stick" Armstrong, Jody Jones, Steve "Poly" Polyasko, Craig and Paul Joseph, Patti and Tracy Wittington, Hans Shoop, Eric Salverda, Louise Ninneman, "Felix the Cat", Jerry "Sugar Bear" Mitchell, Albert "Buzz" Bussey, Darrell Claypool, Felton Jackson, Mark "Dobbie" Abrams, Lynn, Willard Blakney, Bruce Sowatsky, Darrell "Stubb" Stubblefield, Jim B(?), John Eaton, Bob M(?), Justine, Andy D.(?), Tom Samonack(?) and few others.

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